a group of people holding wine glasses
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Please Your Palate

a group of people sitting at a table with food and drinks

Cudahy Dining Room

Plan a sumptuous evening savoring the culinary delights of the chef-driven menu at our onsite fine-dining destination.

a group of people around a table with food on it

Porky’s Pavilion

Elevate casual dining with an Italian wood-fired pizza oven and delicious BBQ classics straight from the grill. Stick around for cooking classes, demonstrations, and other culinary events.

a row of white chairs on a grass field with trees and a sunset

The Lawn & Patio

Take your meal outdoors, no matter where you’re dining, and elevate your dining experience with an Endore sunset toast and s’mores by the firepit as the kids run freely.

a person pouring a drink into a glass

Matilda’s Pub

Order a craft cocktail or a pint of beer at our pub named after the woman who’s portrait is original to the house, and who is said to haunt the Mansion.